Friday, March 1, 2013

Google Enhanced Campaigns - Calling All Adwords Advertisers

Google is rolling out Google enhanced campaigns for all Adwords advertisers. Advertisers currently have the option to start enhanced campaigns today or wait until Google Enhanced campaigns rolls out across the board. The timing should be between May through August of this year.

The convergence of Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile phones is very exciting in the search space. Search traffic continues to rise on Mobile Phones and Tablets reaching well over 20% of all queries.

It's rumored that Sergey Brin is not a fan of browsing websites on a mobile phone and we agree with him. Most websites don't have a great mobile user experience. There are number of reasons, either they haven't been able to create a replica of their desktop functionality into a mobile version, or they haven't yet decided on whether to build a responsive design mobile site or set the site on a mobile subdomain. Either way, browsing the mobile web from any phone is not entire pleasant as not all mobile websites are ready for you.

We're sending a call out to all Google Adwords advertisers asking to get ready, and get ready fast, especially for browsing your website on Tablet.

The move to Google Enhanced campaigns will automatically turn all your Adwords desktop traffic into desktop, tablet, and mobile clicks. While Google Enhanced campaigns gives you the tools to lower the bids on Mobile (by -100% to turn off mobile bidding or +100% to double your desktop bids for mobile), it will not allow you set alternate bids for Tablet devices. Today, advertisers can setup a separate campaign targeted to tablets, but once Enhanced campaigns rolls out, your desktop traffic will also be driving your tablet traffic. Therefore, the convergence of Desktop & Tablet is already here.

If you don't have a mobile page setup yet, but you are running adwords, be sure to check your tablet browsing experience and make it a priority to make necessary adjustments to your tablet experience first, as you still have some time to build your mobile page.