Thursday, October 3, 2013

Google Launches Google Partners Program For Agencies

Yesterday was a successful launch of the Google partners program.  We covered the launch and presentation from the writer of the book, CTRL ALT Delete, by Mitch Joel...and we took some great notes .  

Agencies need to focus on helping brands better connect them to consumers.  CMO's & VP's of marketing feel there's a bit of uncertainity moving forward and feel as if they are in hell.  However, we're not in hell because the internet, mobile, social media, and data analytics is not a fad.  It's certain that these things are real and brands aren't doing enough with them.

Today Brands are building larger in house agencies.   Search Consultants are growing and brands are building teams of record with Search Experts.

We're in the one screen world, the only screen that matters is the screen that's in front of me.  Users are focused on the screen that it's in front of them...  Asking what's our mobile strategy, e-commerce, social media? Bad idea... better idea to focus on one screen, one common goal.  Experiences are getting better on devices and therefore more items can be accomplished on that one device.

It's time for agencies to Elevate thinking as exponential growth is happening in media, marketing and business.  Were at the inflection point where technology has removed technology from technology.

Technology needs no instructions, think about how an iPad is so easy to use, and how it changes it game.  Too many agencies are thinking about how different screens are so different, vs how the different screens and technology brings everything together.  Agencies need to focus on the fact that all these devices, iPhone 5S, iPads, are the remote controls of our lives.

Some brands aren't being clever, some are constantly innovating, while others have innovated and continue to try to monetize it.  1.7 Billion people are getting broadband speed on their mobile devices!

Digital is now at the center of all physical marketing.  Here are 5 tips for successful digital marketing.  

- "Models of leanness" - how can we be more iterative?
- "utility over content" - add value to users with content!
- "content as media" - paid, earned, owned.
- "r&d" - testing for your brands.
- "many big ideas" - we live in a world by which we can change how brands are percieved.  Don't stop the big ideas, keep more big ideas coming.

Small data matters just as much as big data.  Treating the world more as the consumer is, versus how it was.  Social Media is holistic, we're social everywhere. Forget about the tactics (how can I get likes/followers)... think about how you can best connect with your end consumer, what is the lifetime value of this customer?, what's my cost my acquisition? how I am driving my desired goal across multiple media channels?