Thursday, October 24, 2013

SearchMarketers Helps Fund Start-up - - on Kickstarter!, a start-up messenger bag design brand based in Berlin and Chicago, was successfully funded on Kickstarter this Tuesday, achieving 109% of its fundraising goal at nearly $20,000 USD. The raised capital from Kickstarter and other sources will allow to place its first production order for over 500 messenger bags before the holidays with first expected delivery possible by Spring 2014., its agency of record, had developed an effective, low-cost strategy applying social media, display re-targeting, and search in the months before the Kickstarter launch. was able to successfully target prospective buyers, driving awareness of, and driving users to "back" the campaign while it was live on Kickstarter. CEO and co-founder Rocco Kruse shared his enthusiasm at achieving the fundraising goal: "We are so thrilled to have made it on Kickstarter. It means so much to us. We still have a lot more to do now, but we made it, and we have our partners,, to thank for a very successful strategy."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Google Changes It's Paid Search Ad Ranking Algorithm

Google announced a major change to it's ad ranking algorithm, which now factors in ad extensions and ad formats towards paid search ranking.  This is a major change in the paid search ecosystem and can effect all advertisers in a positive way if properly using ad extensions, or negatively impact search ranking if ad extensions are not used correctly or not used at all.   

Ad extensions give your search engine listing more real estate in the search results and can increase your CTR and chances of gaining a click on any particular search query.  Using best practices and applying the necessary extensions can help you improve the user experience and deep link users to the most relevant page within your website directly from Google.  

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

SearchMarketers launches on Kickstarter!

As part of its Kickstarter launch, EVENaBAG is running a giveaway contest on its Facebook page and on Twitter. There is also a Kickstarter "early bird" deal (limited to the first 100 orders) - a pledge of $175 (a $255 value) gets you an EVENaBAG messenger bag, leather wallet/money holder, and much more. Check it out!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Research on the Secrets of Successful SEO

We found this new piece of research interesting on the secrets of Successful SEO.   The research was created by Search Engine Land & Conductor on Search Engine Optimization.

It reports that early involvement in content creation and evolved reporting techniques are critical to a successful SEO campaign.
It suggests to allocate above 11% of Marketing budget to your SEO program.

 It recommends to have a team of 2-4+ people on SEO to accomplish multiple tasks at once.

View more of the research today.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yahoo & Bing Continue To Gain Momentum in Search Advertising

Yahoo and Bing continue to gain momentum as shown by the recent YoY statistics reported by Marin...
  • Impression volume grew 13%
  • Click volume grew 77%
  • Click-through rate grew 56%
  • Cost per click decreased by $0.10

View article on the Yahoo Search Blog

Monday, October 14, 2013 Team at Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

If we missed you at SMX East 2013, we'll have to see you at SES Chicago.  SMX East was a great conference and we hope you enjoyed hearing the Danny Sullivan keynote as much as our team did.

Danny Sullivan Speaking at SMX 
SMX is always an important expo in helping to learn cutting search tactics on SEM, SEO, social content distribution, and keeping up to speed on all the new developments in the marketplace.   It's a wonderful networking opportunity and we heard some of the best-of-breed solutions to ensure the advertising programs for our clients are always ahead of the curve.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Google Launches Google Partners Program For Agencies

Yesterday was a successful launch of the Google partners program.  We covered the launch and presentation from the writer of the book, CTRL ALT Delete, by Mitch Joel...and we took some great notes .  

Agencies need to focus on helping brands better connect them to consumers.  CMO's & VP's of marketing feel there's a bit of uncertainity moving forward and feel as if they are in hell.  However, we're not in hell because the internet, mobile, social media, and data analytics is not a fad.  It's certain that these things are real and brands aren't doing enough with them.

Today Brands are building larger in house agencies.   Search Consultants are growing and brands are building teams of record with Search Experts.

We're in the one screen world, the only screen that matters is the screen that's in front of me.  Users are focused on the screen that it's in front of them...  Asking what's our mobile strategy, e-commerce, social media? Bad idea... better idea to focus on one screen, one common goal.  Experiences are getting better on devices and therefore more items can be accomplished on that one device.

It's time for agencies to Elevate thinking as exponential growth is happening in media, marketing and business.  Were at the inflection point where technology has removed technology from technology.

Technology needs no instructions, think about how an iPad is so easy to use, and how it changes it game.  Too many agencies are thinking about how different screens are so different, vs how the different screens and technology brings everything together.  Agencies need to focus on the fact that all these devices, iPhone 5S, iPads, are the remote controls of our lives.

Some brands aren't being clever, some are constantly innovating, while others have innovated and continue to try to monetize it.  1.7 Billion people are getting broadband speed on their mobile devices!

Digital is now at the center of all physical marketing.  Here are 5 tips for successful digital marketing.  

- "Models of leanness" - how can we be more iterative?
- "utility over content" - add value to users with content!
- "content as media" - paid, earned, owned.
- "r&d" - testing for your brands.
- "many big ideas" - we live in a world by which we can change how brands are percieved.  Don't stop the big ideas, keep more big ideas coming.

Small data matters just as much as big data.  Treating the world more as the consumer is, versus how it was.  Social Media is holistic, we're social everywhere. Forget about the tactics (how can I get likes/followers)... think about how you can best connect with your end consumer, what is the lifetime value of this customer?, what's my cost my acquisition? how I am driving my desired goal across multiple media channels?